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Free CPD, free resources ... but not much free time!
As usual, the year is flying by and we are already into April. Perhaps like many of you, I have the feeling that we have barely started the year and are already losing hold of our precious free time, especially with the Easter holidays ahead.
This year is also the end of our three-year CPD cycle, meaning that we need to have 60 hours of CPD by November 2019. With work and family commitments, some of us may have not devoted sufficient time to our CPD requirements. It’s not too late to register for the ADA Congress in Adelaide, which offers more than 29 CPD hours for dentists. 
If you’re looking for something closer to home, help is at hand! The ADAVB has a range of FREE and discounted CPD to help you attain your CPD hours by the end of the CPD cycle. Make the most of your membership and make sure you access all the free CPD, free resources and services to which you are entitled.
One example is the clinical update in this magazine – a carefully chosen published peer-reviewed article and accompanying quiz, prepared each month by our generous writers Dr Aaron Martin and Dr Sarah Chin. If you successfully complete the quiz every month, that’s 11 hours of free CPD for each ADAVB member per year!
There are also resources available through the federal library, the dental audio files, videos and presentations on a myriad of dental topics that you can access to very quickly accumulate your CPD hours.
Practical learning, in the form of the Dentist Wellbeing Ergonomics Programme (DWEP), found online at, educates us about correct ergonomics and reduces the risk of injury. The DWEP is a free educational resource that may protect not only your professional skills but also your income. 
Your entire practice can benefit from free professional development if you are the successful recipient of the ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary worth $10,000! This year, there is also a $5000 ADAVB BOQ Specialist Bursary on offer for recent graduates (see page 12). Both are free to enter. Visit to find out more. 
Other free services include more than 140 free practice resources from Practice Plus, on topics such as compliance, privacy, human resources, infection control, business structures and practice set up. And if you’re looking for a little more assistance, fee-for-service consulting is also available.
The ADAVB, together with Professional Australia, has negotiated a new public sector EBA that offers up to $2,000 to public sector dentists for reimbursement of CPD and professional membership fees (pro-rata for part-time, not available to casuals). For many, this means that if you work in the public sector, your ADAVB membership is free. Have you any public sector colleagues who aren’t members? Now is the time to join! Make the most of this benefit and register for ADAVB CPD before the end of the CPD cycle. Ensure you are keeping your receipts for any CPD you undertake for reimbursement by your employer once the new EBAs come into effect. 
We were proud to launch the 2019 Health Sector Leadership Program (HSLP) to support and develop our future leaders. The HSLP is delivered by Leadership Victoria and is supported by Guild Insurance. Many HSLP graduates have gone on to join the ADAVB Council and committees, including ADAVB Vice President Dr Gitika Sanghvi, Public Dentistry Committee member Dr Elice Chen, and ADAVB Councillor Linton Nash – just to name a few. The HSLP focuses on leadership attributes such as ethics, communication, influence and resilience. It is a challenging professional development program that is available free for four successful applicants. ADAVB members who graduated within the last 10 years are eligible to apply. Give it a go and apply by 30 May at You just never know where your dentistry career might take you! 
So find some free time, get those free CPD hours and apply for the free programs we have on offer for eligible ADAVB members. Be an active member and make the most of the services and opportunities available to you. 
I hope that your Easter break energises you to take on all the services ADA has to offer. For those who are travelling during the break, stay safe. Let us also not forget our defence force that keeps us safe. Remember those who have fallen, served or serving on this ANZAC Day to preserve our freedom and way of life, making Australia the luckiest country in the world. Lest We Forget.
Dr Kevin Morris

From the President - Tasmania
Sustainability in dentistry
I was reading about the Anthropocene today. It’s an informal term for today’s epoch defined by the commencement of ‘significant human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems, including, but not limited to, anthropogenic climate change’. A staggering 97 per cent of actively publishing climate scientists recognise that global warming is a direct result of human activities. This has struck my interest not because it was something I hadn’t heard of or disagreed with, but because I was approached by a local academic trying to get movement within the health professions for greater sustainability. Apparently we are far behind our peers, and I had to ask myself whether we could be doing more? Not all is lost for the future of the planet and with people championing the cause we can push forward with doing better at sustainability as dentists. The accepted current geological epoch is called the Holocene, which at first glance sounds like world destruction. It is derived from the Greek words ‘whole’ and ‘new’. I like this term better and it gives me hope that we are still in a ‘whole new’ era where anything can happen. For members wanting to get involved with sustainability in dentistry, please contact Dr Silvana Bettiol at the University of Tasmania.
It’s been an advocacy-packed month with ADATas Vice-President Dr Alex Du Bois continuing the Scope of Practice Campaign. A response was received from the office of the Premier advising that ADA concerns have been noted and will be taken into consideration during discussion at COAG.
Also this month, A/Prof Len Crocombe and I discussed anti-smoking initiatives with the Tasmanian Shadow Health Minister the Hon. Sarah Lovell. A productive and varied discussion was had around community oral health issues, including the increasing problem of provision of oral health care to aged-care residents.
Another win for our members was a recent correspondence from ADA CEO Damian Mitsch, advising that our continuing campaign for diversity for key note speakers had resulted in a decision to incorporate evidence-based principles for selection of conference speakers. Along the theme of gender equality, the branch has also included a Concessional Parental Leave Class for member subscriptions, which will aid our members who are taking time away from work as parents to stay with the organisation and keep getting the best updates for issues surrounding our profession and continued high-quality CPD.
Don’t forget to book your hotel for the upcoming ADATas endodontic CPD event, which falls during MONA’s Dark Mofo festival. This annual music and arts festival celebrates the darkness of the southern winter solstice with visitors interstate and internationally flocking to witness Tasmania’s ode to all that is pagan and dark.
Dr Angie Nilsson

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