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President’s wrap-up: Tasmania, children and dental tourism


Times are certainly changing at the ADAVB. In addition to Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft starting as our new CEO, ADAVB is now looking after the secretarial support for the ADA Tasmanian Branch (ADATas). This gives ADATas members access to the wide breadth of services available in Victoria.

ADATas members have been accessing support from Community Relations Officers for several years. ADATas President, Dr Errol Kilov, has been a member of the ADAVB Defence Committee since 2013. More recently, ADAVB has been organising and managing CPD events in Tasmania, and assisting Tasmanian members with practice accreditation and practice administration support through the Practice Plus team. ADATas members will receive the Victorian Dentist with information about Tasmanian CPD events, articles on local Tasmanian issues and some Tasmanian classified advertisements. ADATas members will be able to access the Clinical Updates with up to 11 free CPD hours per year.

The ADAVB will communicate with ADATas members about important and urgent local matters, and will respond to ADATas member phone and email enquiries. This year, ADAVB successfully managed the ADATas membership renewals. The ADATas Council continues to have regular council meetings, representation on the ADA Federal Council, and will manage their bookkeeping, financial and legal affairs.


As a mother and a dentist, I was devastated to read a recent front-page article in the Herald Sun that in one year, 53 Victorian children under the age of five had at least 10 teeth extracted, three of whom had a full clearance. There has been a 50 per cent increase in the number of general anaesthetics for children under five at the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne over a three-year period.

This is a major preventable tragedy. As Victorian dentists, we have a responsibility to educate our patients and maternal health nurses about good oral health for children.

It is imperative that children are encouraged to drink tap water or milk, not fruit juices or sugary soft drinks. Victoria is very fortunate that over 90 per cent of our water supply is fluoridated.

‘As Victorian dentists, we have a responsibility to educate our patients and maternal health nurses about good oral health for children.’

It is very important that Victorian children see a dentist by the age of two years to prevent this tragedy. All Victorian children have access to publicly funded dental care. In addition, children aged two to 17 whose families receive the Family Tax Benefit A are eligible for up to $1000 of preventive and some restorative dental treatments, as well as extractions over a two-year period through the Commonwealth Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS).


Destination Thailand is a program that was recently screened on Channel 9. The show followed patients who went to Thailand for medical and dental procedures. This show encourages dental tourism.

Patients ask about having complex restorative and implant treatment overseas as it is cheaper than in Australia – and they can have a beach holiday at the same time. However, shows such as Destination Thailand do not explain that many complex procedures are time consuming, requiring numerous appointments, often a week apart. The quality of the dentistry may be inferior to that in Australia and the infection-control measures may be less stringent, increasing the risk of blood borne viral diseases. Complications can be expensive to rectify, especially if it involves a flight and accommodation back to the practice where the treatment was done. ‘It’s imperative that we discourage people from dental tourism and call out anything that glamourises it, such as programs like Destination Thailand.’

Until next month,
Dr Susan Wise

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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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The ADAVB is very concerned about the CDBS.

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