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2018 – onwards and upwards
I hope you all had an enjoyable summer holiday and were able to recharge your batteries for 2018. I spent a wonderful two weeks in Victor Harbour, Kangaroo Island and Robe in South Australia. It was great to read a few (non-dental) books and magazines, watch movies, swim, fish and spend time with my family.
The Australian Senate Inquiry into the value and affordability of private health insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs made 19 recommendations to Federal Health Minister the Hon. Greg Hunt.
Important recommendations for dentists are:
  • Private health insurers (PHIs) pay all policy-holders the same rebate for the same treatment in the same jurisdiction
  • PHIs engage in negotiations with private hospitals and paediatric dentists to improve access for Australian children to have their dental treatment under general anaesthetic
  • PHIs cannot use data from HICAPs machines for commercial gain.
This wonderful outcome would not be possible without the extensive and well written submission from the ADA. This submission included an appendix with cases about issues with PHIs from ADA members including many notifications received by the ADAVB Third Party Committee. In addition, more than 160 dentists made personal submissions into the Inquiry about their concerns about how PHIs affect their patients’ care and treatment. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to this Inquiry. Hopefully, the Senate Inquiry recommendations will be adopted in the near future.
The ADAVB developed our first Strategic Plan almost 20 years ago. The Strategic Plan – which Council approves in November each year – guides and directs Council, Committees and ADAVB staff with key priorities and targets. From the Plan, the annual ADAVB budget is made.
Federal ADA completely redeveloped its Strategic Plan over a 12-month period last year. In the November Federal Council meeting, the ADA Federal Councillors approved the redeveloped Plan. This refocus on strategy as well as input from the 2016 ADAVB member survey gave ADAVB Council the appetite to revamp our Strategic Plan, so ADAVB Councillors and staff members were invited to give their ideas and input.
There are now four strategic themes: engagement, leadership, membership services and capability.
Within each theme, there are three to four goals, such as:
  • Enhancing the member experience and interaction
  • Improving the oral and general health of Victorians
  • Promoting and supporting excellence in clinical practice
  • Ensuring our systems and resources enable us to achieve our goals with clear Key Performance Indicators that can be easily measured.
This helps focus the ADAVB Council and staff on what we are doing for our members in a very clear and concise document. Our new Strategic Plan was approved in the November ADAVB Council meeting and will be available to our members later this year. Sincere thanks to our CEO Matt Hopcraft and the ADAVB staff for rewriting such a complex document within a very short period with great enthusiasm and professionalism. They have certainly been able to capture the vision of Council for the future of the ADAVB.
At the recent VicHealth Awards, our CEO Matt Hopcraft was named a VicHealth Champion for his work in oral health promotion and public health.
Through Matt’s advocacy, oral health is receiving a higher profile. A Live Lighter Facebook post – illustrating that one in two 12-year-olds have dental caries in permanent teeth, and recommending avoiding sugary drinks and drinking tap water instead – was shared on the VicHealth Facebook page. Hopefully, oral health will continue to have an increased profile at VicHealth and other Victorian health organisations. Read more about the awards on page 6.
Jessica Manuela was recently awarded the Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year. Jessica has been a very active ADA member and a passionate advocate for oral health promotion having been on the ADA Tasmania Council and a past member of the Federal ADA Oral Health Working Group. Jessica was also awarded the Young Tasmanian of the Year 2017 and the Telstra Tasmanian Young Business Woman of the Year 2017. Congratulations Jessica for all her wonderful achievements. Read more on page 6.
Dr Susan Wise

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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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A message from ADAVB President Dr Andrew Gikas
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Dental Health Week 1- 7 August 2016 focused on preventive measures to assist women through hormone fluctuations. Visit to access information on dental health, free educational resources and steps to prevent dental damage.

One of three messages from Dental Health Week Spokesperson Victoria, Dr Elizabeth Milford.

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The ADAVB is very concerned about the CDBS.

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