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Introducing Dr Kevin Morris, the new ADAVB President.

A privilege for me It is a privilege as well as a daunting prospect to be your newly elected President. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Melbourne in 1993 and worked for 14 years as a general dentist (in public, private and defence) before becoming a periodontist, working both privately and in the public sector. I hope I have a reasonable breadth of experience to represent our dynamic and diverse membership.


The ADAVB will continue to advocate for our members against unreasonable regulation and unfair practices by corporates and private health insurers (PHIs), as well as promote oral health to our community.

Our recent advocacy includes supporting the Federal ADA submission against the removal of the structured professional relationship with our dental auxiliaries. Individual members also forwarded their own submissions, and we are hopeful that the Dental Board of Australia reconsiders this proposal.

We are in positive discussions regarding the regulation of conscious sedation and general anaesthesia in the dental practice setting. The Department of Health and Human Services originally planned to heavily regulate this area of dental practice, but after discussions with ADAVB and clinicians, a more flexible model is now being proposed. Only the provider of general anaesthesia or sedation services is expected to be regulated. The previous proposal was to regulate the dental practice facility, and this would have made these services near impossible to provide to our patients at our dental clinics.

The advocacy for equitable rebates for providers and clients for all PHIs has brought the industry under more scrutiny from the recent Senate Committee Inquiry. The Federal ADA has also released a report, which proposes a Health Savings Account with tax incentives as an alternative to the ever-increasing cost of private health insurance.

Efficiencies of our services

Dentistry has become a very competitive profession with oversupply of dentists and ongoing pressure from extension of scope of practice from dental auxiliaries. There has been increasing financial pressure on members and we are improving our efficiencies to keep our branch running cost as low as possible, while providing quality services to our members. This year, the ADAVB did not increase its membership fees while we investigate improving other member services, such as continuing professional development.

A challenge to our members

Like all professional bodies, we are faced with challenges in retaining membership, and ensuring that we remain relevant to the profession. Although we are a peak body, representing the majority of dentists, we need to maintain and increase our membership to present a consistently strong voice against the ongoing challenges from external issues that affect our profession.

We are mindful that costs continue to increase, and we are making efforts to retain and recruit members. We will continue to work closely with the Federal ADA to reduce replication of services, and to contribute synergistically to produce a more efficient and cost-effective Association.

I challenge our members to recruit fellow dentists to the ADA. We can only be heard if we remain one united body for all dentists. I will endeavour to ensure our ADAVB effectively represents members and continues to provide relevant services for all members.

Finally, I would like to commend and congratulate my elected fellow Councillors and I look forward to working with them this coming year. Our Council has many dentists from different backgrounds. We have dentists who are at the beginning of their career, mid-career and late career. We have Councillors who work in the public sector, the private sector, as business owners, and general and specialist dentists. They all contribute with their vast experience. However, we still need our members’ feedback. ADAVB is by members, for members – so please contact us with your valuable insights!

Dr Kevin Morris



Introducing Dr Angie Nilsson, the new ADATas President

As your newly elected President of the Australian Dental Association Tasmanian Branch, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and for those members who don’t know much about me, I have taken the liberty of sharing my journey.

I arrived in North Queensland in 2010 after spending seven years practising with the National Health Service in the UK. Our family visited the beautiful Huon Valley in 2015 and decided that we should plan to move to Tasmania where the land is certainly greener than the brown plains of Townsville. Three months later we moved to Hobart and were lucky to find a place that truly feels like home. I’m grateful to the people I have met here for making the transition so easy. The dental community here in Tassie has given me a renewed sense of hope for the future of dentistry.

My passion lies in education and advocating for disadvantaged members of the community. I am currently working my way through a masters research project where I will be developing a pilot aged care curriculum for dental students.

Being part of the ADA has given me the opportunity to be a part of some really worthwhile projects that can make a difference to people’s lives. During my short time on Council, I’ve met the most amazing people; from dental students to dental specialists to world renowned dental academics. I feel honoured to have been elected to the role of ADATas President, and excited to lead and support our branch and members over the next two years.

Our new Council has some new and some familiar faces. Over the next few months we look forward to introducing you to our Councillors as your local point of contact. This is your association, and to help us in our various roles, we encourage you to provide any feedback or suggestions you may have.

I look forward to my term as President and catching up with members soon.

Dr Angie Nilsson

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