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Wrapping up 2018
A year in review
It has been a big year for the ADAVB, and we’ve done a lot to support members to achieve in their professional and personal lives across all stages of their careers. I’ve been to many events to talk to members, hear your concerns and use this information to improve our performance. 
Some highlights include:
  • Reduction of membership fees for first and second year graduates, and helping ensure this was reflected in rates at the federal level and in the other branches
  • Our Convention in August at which a record number of dentists attended
  • Strong attendance at CPD events, particularly the bespoke event series
  • Practice Plus’s expansion of its practice support and consulting services
  • Adoption of a healthy eating policy to apply to our events, demonstrating our commitment to leading by example 
  • Introduction of electronic voting for Council elections and receiving an increase in voter turnout 
  • Strong media engagement, with more than 30 stories on television, radio, print and online media, and a large growth in social media engagement 
  • Strong government relations, with meetings with representatives from government – this has helped raise the profile of the dental profession and ensure our views on issues important to members receive a hearing in the corridors of power.
Many significant government reforms occurred during the year that impact on dental practice. New regulations governing the provision of general anaesthesia and conscious sedation came into effect, and ADAVB advocacy was important in tempering these to ensure minimal impact on our members. The TAC undertook a review of its fee schedule and implemented a much-needed increase of around 20 per cent. We continue to engage with both TAC and WorkSafe Victoria on their fee schedules to align more closely with contemporary dental fees. 
Our strong advocacy in public health has paid off in several ways. Most importantly, we were able to achieve a significant boost in pay and conditions for dentists and dental specialists working in the public sector. The ADAVB also exposed the blow-out in waiting times for public dental care, resulting in an additional $12.1 million in waiting list blitz funding in May.
For a full wrap-up of the year, see pages 8–10.
There is more to come in 2019. We have reviewed the pricing structure for CPD events and will now provide a more competitive pricing structure. We will continue to run the successful bespoke event series, bringing members quality CPD with a twist. Plus, our new website and mobile app will be launched, allowing us to connect better with all our members.
Graduating students
December will see approximately 140 dentistry students graduate from the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University and enter the workforce. On behalf of the ADAVB I would like to welcome this latest cohort into our profession and wish them luck as they commence this next exciting phase of their professional journeys. 
If you employ a recent graduate, make sure to invite them along to ADAVB events and make them feel a welcome part of our community.
Best wishes for Christmas
With my plum puddings already made, I’m looking forward to Christmas and spending more time with my family. I’m not as excited about the Australian cricket team however – normally a staple of the summer break. The Aussies continue to struggle on the field following the sandpaper scandal and explosive revelations about the culture of the organisation. There are important lessons here for all of us about the importance of strong leadership for our teams to ensure that not only do we get the best performance, but also operate in an environment that fosters respect and collegiality. 
On behalf of the ADAVB, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season however you may celebrate it, and best wishes for 2019.
Office closure
The ADAVB office will be closed from 5pm 21 December and will reopen at 9am 2 January 2019.
A/Prof Matt Hopcraft


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Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft
Chief Executive Officer
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