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Changes and reflections
It's now time to renew your ADAVB membership. All members should have received their renewal notice either by email or regular mail. If not, please contact us on 8825 4600 or 
Members should now have received details for voting in the next Council election. This is your opportunity to elect your representatives to shape the future of our profession. 
Voting closes Friday 8 June at 5pm. 
We recently introduced a new member class for parental leave, recognising that many members, both male and female, take time away from their work to care for young children, but still want to maintain their contact with the profession and the ADAVB. 
ADAVB was instrumental in pushing for this change at the national level. 
If you are currently taking unpaid parental leave, or are contemplating doing so in the future, contact our membership officer Cathy Workman ( 
One of the strong and consistent messages we have heard from recent graduates is that the cost of ADA membership is sometimes a barrier to joining or remaining a member. 
With many dentists now graduating with significant student debt, sometimes more than $200,000, and increased competition for employment with greater graduate numbers, the ADAVB – in consultation with ADA and the other states branches – decided to further reduce the membership rate for new graduates. 
ADAVB has been a strong and consistent advocate for improving the public dental system in Victoria, recognising that vulnerable Victorians deserve good oral health. 
Recent population growth in this state has seen the number of people eligible for public dental care increase to more than 2.5 million, yet the public sector is only seeing around 400,000 patients per year, with nearly half for emergency treatment. Not surprisingly, waiting times have blown out to more than 19 months on average, and much higher in some regions. 
We were pleased to see the Victorian Government announce an increase of $41.3 million in funding over last year’s commitment, which aligned with the $35–45 million that ADAVB advocated for in our pre-budget submission. 
It appears the majority of this additional money comes from the Federal National Partnership Agreement. 
Although this funding boost is welcome and will ensure that more patients are able to access care, more investment is still required. 
We will continue to hold the government to account, particularly in the lead-up to the Victorian state election in November. 
A table representing ADAVB and Guild Insurance recently participated in the Melbourne Dental Students’ Society Trivia Night. This was a great opportunity to engage with the future of our profession and demonstrate our support for various student activities. 
In a closely fought battle, the ADAVB/ Guild team finished third, coming home strongly in the final round, which focused on dental trivia. 
As sponsors of the event, we ceded our prize to the team that finished fourth. 
As I write this, I reflect on nearly 12 months as the CEO of ADAVB, and think of the many achievements that the ADAVB has made over this time. 
I am fortunate to lead a team of highly dedicated and hardworking people who ensure that the ADAVB continues to deliver value to you – our members. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the team for all their work. 
A/Prof Matt Hopcraft

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Clinical A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft
Chief Executive Officer
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