EBA Campaign update - in-principle offer - 28-06-2018
Public Dentistry Advocacy Activities

ADAVB and Professionals Australia Alliance


Phase 1 - 2016 Community clinic dentists

ADAVB and Professionals Australia (PA) formed a new alliance in December 2015 to help community clinic dentists seek fairer working conditions. In the first part of the joint campaign, ADAVB and PA helped community clinic dentists to seek a fair outcome to their enterprise bargaining negotiations with their employers. 

Phase 2 - 2017/2018 Public clinic dentists, dental specialists and dental specialists in training

Victorian enterprise agreements for public dentists, public dental specialists, and public dental specialists in training expired on 30 June 2017. Our campaign is now focussing on public dentistry EBA negotiations. Extensive background work and consultation with members has taken place to develop the Log of Claims.

On 30 June we held our EBA campaign update event where we invited members to review and endorse the Log of Claims. It was a great turnout but we need more public sector dentists to join our campaign. If you are yet to nominate the ADAVB or are not a member, it's not too late. Please join us and have your voice heard. 

What can you do?

  • Nominate the ADAVB as your bargaining representative

Complete the online nomination form (ADAVB member login required). This will authorise the ADAVB to act on your behalf in EBA negotiations with your employer. 

  • Find out more about the campaign and get involved

Download our latest FAQs about the 2017 Public Dentistry EBA Campaign. Find out more Professionals Australia and our alliance, learn more about what you need to do to join our campaign. 

  • Get all the stats and facts in our 'Respect public dentistry so everyone can smile issues paper'

Download our Issues Paper about Victoria's public dental sector

  • Talk to your local Member of Parliament

Register your interest in visiting your local MP to rally up support for our campaign and to make them aware of the public dental sector funding crisis. See facts and stats in the Issues Paper above.


Log of Claims

Through our consultations with members, we have developed the Log of Claims, which is a list of items you would like added to, or removed from your current agreements. View the Log of Claims:

General Dentists - Log of Claims 2017

Specialist Dentists and Specialist Dentists in Training - Log of Claims 2017


Community Dentist 2016 EBA negotiation campaign milestones

January - April 2016: Extensive consultations held with employees, employers, industry representatives, VHIA and government.
April - June 2016:
In-principle agreement with employers reached and employees voted on the agreement.
August 2016:
Two of four agreements approved by the Fair Work Commission and implemented.

September 2016: All four agreements approved by the Fair Work Commission and implemented.

What we achieved

  • Base salary increases to bring community dentists up to the same level as hospital employed.
  • Sign on bonus.
  • Specific provisions for meal breaks.
  • Right of private practice.
  • Improved classification and progression scheme for community dentists.
  • Optional over agreement payments.
  • Renegotiation terms to set the scene for the next round of negotiations.

Thank you to all community dentists who had the courage to step forward and join us in this campaign. This result could not have been achieved without you. Our united message to employers was heard.

Together, the ADAVB and Professionals Australia have helped community dentists to make great progress in achieving the respect, recognition and reward they deserve. There is more work to be done and we look forward to providing you with further updates as our campaign continues.

Download FAQs on the 2016 Enterprise Agreements for Community Dentists (PDF)

Find out more

  • View a video message by Dr Andrew Gikas, 2015/2016 ADAVB President.
  • Review the list of email updates to public hospital and community health centre employed members, provided in the email archive box on this page.
  • Download our Respect Community Dentists brochure (PDF).
ADAVB Activities to Support Members in Industrial Negotiations
  • We have formed a partnership with Professionals Australia, an industrial relations advocacy organisation, to advance the workplace rights of public and community dentists.
  • On 19 February 2016, we held a Public Dentistry Forum at the ADAVB offices which was attended by over 80 public and community dentists.
  • Community clinic dentists, who are ADAVB members, can nominate the ADAVB as their bargaining representative. (See FAQs)
  • We liaise between members and the industrial relations advisory service when required.
  • We monitor the media and political environment for developments and use opportunities to advocate for the future of dentistry.

Other ways we assist public sector dentists:

  • Access to the ADAVB Public Dentistry Committee for the monitoring of member concerns for the attention of and action by the ADAVB.
  • We provide a range of member benefits exclusively for our public sector ADAVB members.
Ongoing public dentistry advocacy activities

The ADAVB has actively advocated for ways to improve public oral health, including increasing Government funding to the public dental sector to:

  • Increase the capacity for service delivery and reduce the waiting list
  • Update public dental infrastructure
  • Provide an equitably employed and sustainable dental workforce.

For over ten years, ADAVB has advocated for equitable employment conditions for public dental officers. We fund and arrange expert industrial advice and representation for members in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

2013 - 2015 EBA Negotiations: Calling for Fair Employment Conditions and a Conclusion to Negotiations

Numerous letters were sent to ministers and politicians between 2013 and 2015:

Many of these letters resulted in the ADAVB meeting with ministers and government representatives, where we conveyed our public sector members’ concerns about the EBA negotiations, and advocated for an equitable solution.

Ministerial Response: 2015-09-04-Response-from-Min-Hennessy-re-EBA-and-New-Public-Holiday-Redacted.pdf

Eight official meetings held with politicians and their advisors between 2013- 2015 to discuss enterprise bargaining and employment conditions for Victorian public dentists (among other issues). See "2013-2015 EBA Negotations: Extracts of Content" on this page.

Pre-budget submissions to Government, December 2014. See "2013- 2015 EBA Negotiations: Extracts of Content" on this page.

Keeping Members Updated

We keep members updated by:

  • responding to individual enquiries from members about enterprise bargaining and workforce issues.
  • publishing articles in the Victorian Dentist newsletter about our advocacy work, and current developments.






  • attending regional Group meetings to update members in person.
  • providing workforce information to dental students at meetings and seminars.

We welcome your feedback.

Please contact us with any comments or suggestions: ask@adavb.org

Member Email Archive
The ADAVB regularly updates community health centre employed member dentists with progress on the Respect Community Dentists EBA negotiations work with Professionals Australia. A list of email updates to members is provided below.

12 February 2016: ADAVB CEO Alert: Important information for community dentists

18 March 2016: Enterprise Bargaining Information Session for Community Dentists

22 April 2016: A fair deal for community dentists – we’re making progress.

1 June 2016: Community Dentist EBA Negotiations Update – Draft ‘in principle’ agreement reached

24 August 2016: Community dentist EBAs approved: A win for all dentists in Victoria!

2 September 2016: CEO Update: 3rd Community dentist EBA approved by Fair Work Commission!
23 September 2016: CEO Update: 4th and final 2016 community dentist EBA approved
2 November 2016: Do you work in the public sector

16 November 2016: Join our 2017 EBA negotiations for publicdentistry members



9 Feb 2017: Have your say: Public dental sector work environment survey

26 May: Campaign event & Endorsement of log of claims

16 June 2017: Respect, recognition and reward for public sector dentists - You can make this happen

22 Sept 2017: Find out more about our Public Dentistry EBA Campaign

21 Dec 2017: Public Dentistry EBA campaign update and next steps


23 April 2018: Public Dentistry EBA campaign update

8 June 2018: Dentists and dental sepcialists at RDHM to vote on strike action

26 June 2018: Urgent meeting - proposed offer for dentists and dental specialists employed in public hospitals

27 June 2018: Urgent EBA meeting - CHCs. Join our video conference

21 August 2018: Community health dentists set to take unprecedented strike action

12 September 2018: Stop work action and public demonstration - dentists employed at community health centres

14 September 2018: Stop work action averted as government guarantees funding for CHC agreement

27 September 2018: Hospital EBA - It's time to vote

16 October 2018: Vote YES today - Your new hospital EBA

25 October 2018: Agreements approved for hospital employed dentists and general dentists

27 November 2018: Majority of CHC employers have refused the new EBA

30 November 2018: EBA update for hospital employed specialist dentists and general dentists




21 January 2019: 24-hour stop work action and public rally
24 January 2019: EBA negotiations update: CHCs where a successful 'YES' vote was achieved


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