Member Advice and Indemnity Scheme

Member Indemnity Scheme 

The ADAVB Indemnity Scheme is underwritten by Guild Insurance, the leading provider of professional indemnity insurance for dentists.

We’ve done the hard work for you, and recommend the ADAVB Indemnity Scheme, underwritten by Guild Insurance Ltd. No other insurance offering is more closely aligned to the Australian dental profession or is better positioned to deliver even more for members. Everyone who takes out a new policy with Guild will go into the weekly draw to win a Google Home.

To assist first and second year graduates, a 55% recent graduate premium discount is on offer if you take out a Guild-ADAVB dentists liability insurance policy, offered exclusively for ADAVB members.

To join Guild insurance and take advantage of the discount offers for members, please call Guild on 1800 810 213.
Community Relations Officer/Professional Consultants
Over 40 years the ADAVB has shaped a free community service, to provide an avenue to resolve complaints between patients and members without the need for patients to utilise statutory complaint mechanisms such as AHPRA or the HCC (lr lawyers). The service is offered in the interests of ensuring that patient concerns are addressed in a professional manner and to enhance the reputation of dentistry in the community.
The Community Relations Officer/Professional Consultants (CRO/PCs) are senior members of the profession who have expert clinical knowledge and siginficant professional experience. They are appointed by the ADAVB Council to ensure that members are well advised and assisted in professional matters.
As Professional Consultants they can advise ALL members on any general professional or clinical matters, as long as the matter would not be considered a notifiable event under an indemnity insurance policy.
If a matter involves a possible indemnity insurance claim, there are limitations to member assistance under the CRO role which exists under the authorised agreement with the Branch’s preferred indemnity provider, Guild.
Other indemnity insurers have their own arrangements for complaint resolution, notification and professional advice. The CRO/PCs are not authorised to assist members with indemnity insurance held elsewhere. 
In indemnity matters the Branch’s CRO/PCs operate as a liaison between the patient and Member in an effort to settle complaints and claims and to protect the professional reputation of Members. They can offer advice at an early stage to prevent escalation in incidents or complaints and are on duty most days during the week for Member access. After hours there is a Duty Solicitor on call who can be accessed through the Guild website.
The service does not have arbitration or directive powers and it may not always be possible to settle using these processes but extensive experience means the CRO/PCs can undertake an assessment of what has given rise to the dispute or claim, provide advice and make proposals for settlement of the dispute.
The CRO/PC will work with the member to attempt to resolve the matter. Guild and the ADAVB work in collaboration to reach a settlement in the best interests of all parties. This may involve seeking advice from the panel law firms appointed by Guild.
By working  closely with Guild claims staff and the Guild lawyers to deliver this member service, the CRO/PCs  support members (insured with Guild) through what can be a challenging and difficult time in a professional’s life.
Please call the ADAVB today to speak to a Community Relations Officer on 03 8825 4600 (Monday - Friday 10.30am - 3.00pm).


Find out more about the ADAVB Patient Helpline.


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