ADAVB Groups
All ADAVB members are assigned to an ADAVB group. An ADAVB group consists of members in a particular geographical region, based on practice location, grouped together for networking and professional development opportunities. Members are welcome to attend other nearby group events and can also nominate to be a part of a group based on their home address. Attending group events and getting to know other members is a great way to stay connected with your local community and the ADAVB. Four great reasons to get involved:
1. Communication between members and the ADAVB
Get to know your local ADAVB colleagues and ADAVB councillors. A president’s representative attends each group meeting and the ADAVB CEO or president also attend some meetings, depending on availability. This is a great opportunity to have direct contact with association colleagues and contribute to your profession.
2. A forum to discuss current matters relevant to the profession or your particular region
Feel a sense of belonging with your local association colleagues and gain support from peers that may be experiencing similar issues. Share advice, talk through ideas and solutions and benefit from local knowledge and expertise.
3. Networking and social events with other members in your region
Enjoy getting to know your local colleagues, especially if you are new to the area or new to the profession. It is a great way to network with peers in a relaxed setting and to enjoy some time away from work. It’s all about work life balance!
4. Access to continuing professional development (CPD)  
Each group typically holds two to four events per year and these often consist of a presentation or seminar followed by a networking dinner. Some groups also run day events and conferences. It’s a great way to earn extra CPD hours and have direct access to expert presenters. 

More information
If you have any queries about your group please contact the Maree Horseman, ADAVB Senior Administrative Assistant, on 8825 4601 or
Download information sheet: ADAVB Groups
Suburban Group Chairs
Dr Daniel Felman
Dr Theresia Sudjalim
Dr Nicholas Boardman
Dr Gaurika Sud
Dr Martin Gale
Dr Sara Firouzabadi
Dr Dinusha Goonawardhana
Dr Jonathan Rooke
Dr Edelmiro de Hoyos Gonzalez
Dr David Mastroianni
Country Group Chairs
Dr Ross Musolino
Dr Nick Palfreyman
Dr Wilson Chen
Dr Laura Miller
Dr Paul Danenberg
Dr Yana Stevens
Dr Andrew Welsh
Dr Anthony Davies
ADAVB Groups

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