Honorary Life Member
2010 G D Condon
2005 J E Matthews
2001 N D Hewson
2000 P W Field
2000 D S Houghton
1999 P R Finch
1998 R K Newbury
1998 L G O'Brien
1995 B E Taylor
1992 F T Widdop AM
1991 J K Harcourt OAM
1990 S C Warneke AM
1989 R G Hardham
1984 E W Kings OBE
1984 S G Kings AM
1980 B G H Drysdale
1979 C R Newbury
1977 D F Spring
1975 J M Wark CBE
1969 Sir K T Adamson CMG
1968 Sir A B P Amies CMG
1962 G Finley
1961 R M Gillies
1961 H R Cash
1959 W J Tuckfield
1959 F A Aird
1959 W S Wilkinson
1959 J M Lewis
Award for Distinguished Service
2017 Dr Stephen Chen


2017 A/Prof Jocelyn Shand


2017 Dr Gordon Burt


2016 Prof David Manton
2015 Dr M Bowman
2015 Dr R Green
2015 Dr G Morris
2014 Dr J Boucher AM


2014 Dr C Callahan
2013 Dr Edward Crawford
2013 Prof Eric Reynolds AO
2013 Dr Denise Lawry
2012 Mr Eric Mourant (IT Consultant)
Recognition of special service to dentistry
2011 Dr S Cottrell
Outstanding service to dentistry
2011 Emeritus Prof L Brearley Messer
Outstanding contribution and lifetime dedication to the field of paediatric dentistry
2009 Dr David Curnow
2008 A/Professor A Heggie AM
Outstanding service to dentistry
2008 Dr A Parker OAM
Outstanding career and a long and active involvement in the dental profession
2008 Mr D Wiesenfeld
Contribution to the State as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon
2007 A/Professor G Quail
2006 Dr G Knight
2006 Dr J Locke
Outstanding service to dentistry
2004 Mr G L Pearson (ADAVB CEO)
2003 Dr A J Burns
2003 Dr M B Burns OAM
2003 Mr I Crawford (ADIA)
2002 Dr P M Johansen
Outstanding contribution to dentistry
2002 Dr J A Isaacs MBE
Outstanding contribution to dentistry
2001 Dr D A Behrend
2001 Dr D J Hurley
2001 Dr R W King
2000 Dr G R Dickinson
Contribution to the improved state of the oral healh of Victorians
2000 Mr S Hutton OAM (Dental technician)
2000 Mr R D Story AM RFD
1999 Dr R M Cook AM
1999 Assoc. Professor M J Tyas AM
1999 Assoc. Professor R K Hall OAM
1998 Mr P A Rashleigh (Defence lawyer)
1995 Dr A E Cattermole
1994 Dr R H Milner
1992 Mrs E L Feiner (ADAVB staff)
1990 Dr V C Amercena
1990 Dr D C Loader
1989 Dr M M Sullivan
1989 Dr W E Chalmers
1988 Professor E Storey
1988 Dr L R A Williams
1988 Dr P R Finch
1987 Mr S Jensen (ADIA)
1986 Dr R I Gillies
1985 Mrs E K Valmont (ADAVB staff)
Dentistry Achievement Award
2017 Mr George Dimitroulis

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, especially TMJ surgery

2017 Dr Martin Hall

Public dentistry, especially in prevention

2016 A/Prof John Brownbill

 Service to the Melbourne Dental School in paediatric dentistry

2016 Dr Laurie Wordsworth

 Long service as a Committee Chair

2014 Dr B Creighton
Paramedic Volunteer Work
2014 Dr N Cochrane
Service to the Branch and Melbourne Dental School
2014 Dr T Collett
ADAVB Group Activity and Overseas Volunteer Work
2013 Dr Denise Bailey
2013 Dr Ross Bastiaan AM, RFD
Military plaques
2013 Prof Mike Morgan
2012 Dr Anthony Dickinson
Recognition of special service to dentistry
2012 Dr Roland Goldberg OAM
Recognition of special service to dentistry
2012 Prof Seong-Seng Tan
Recognition of special service to dentistry
2011 Mr G Fowler
Outstanding life-long commitment to the service of the people of Ballarat and surrounding districts as an oral surgeon
2010 Dr S A Orme
ADAVB Clinical Update contributor
2010 Dr D A Goldsmith
Overseas voluntary service
2010 Dr G R Bowell
Hospital dentistry
2009 Mr William Besly
Contribution to overseas voluntary service
2009 Dr David Whelan
Rural public dentistry
2008 Dr N Hewson
Long service on Branch Council as Honorary Secretary
2008 Dr S Koshy
Excellence in Public Dentistry
2008 Dr T Roseman
Community Service and Management in the Public Health Sector
2007 Dr G Nervo
Contribution to endodontics both teaching, education, research and clinical advancement
2005 Dr P Dalgliesh
Contribution to the 25th anniversary celebrations of water fluoridation of Melbourne's water supply
2005 Dr P Wong
Contribution to providing domiciliary services
2004 Dr A Lawrence, Dr P Zimet, Dr J Rattray, Dr D Highfield
Long service as Committee Chairmen
2003 Dr B G H Drysdale
2003 Dr S C Warneke AM
Hospital dentistry
2002 Dr G Dickinson, A/Prof B Levant, Dr C R Newbury CBE, Dr G R Oakley AM, Prof E Storey ED
Fluoridation implementation
1999 Dr B Feiglin
Traumatology Conference
1998 Dr J A M Robertson AM
Overseas Voluntary Service
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