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The ADAVB offers a number of stationery items, manuals, templates and publications for sale to members and the general public.

Infection control

All dental practices must have a manual that sets out the infection control protocols and procedures used in that practice. You may choose to use the ADAVB's systematic operating procedures (SOP) manual as a template and customise it to reflect your practice's policies.

Download the SOP here or order a printed copy of the 2014 revised edition by downloading the order form and returning to ADAVB with your payment.


All dental practices must have a clearly expressed and up-to-date privacy policy about the management of personal information by their practice. The ADAVB privacy manual contains templates for a privacy policy and notice to patients.

Download the ADAVB privacy manual here or order a printed copy by downloading the order form and returning it to ADAVB with your payment.

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